Brand Identity
Design Direction
UI Design

Best Awards 2021 (Bronze Winner)︎︎︎

Designed at
Media Design School︎︎︎

For many, COVID-19 lockdowns heightened feelings of isolation and depression. For a group project at Media Design School, we were challenged to design and develop a strategy that addresses the issue of loneliness brought about by these lockdowns.
       kō is a conceptual platform designed to create connections within communities, acting as a facilitator for companionship. The name kō derives from te reo Māori, which carries the meaning “to sing (of birds)”, and “to resound”. kō is intended to connect like-minded individuals and create thoughtful conversations.
       I led the design direction, brand and UI design for kō, the outputs of which included a mobile app concept and print collateral, such as posters and newspaper inclusions.
       kō provides a refreshing experience that is an antidote to mainstream social media apps. The design tone is curated to be neutral and non-confrontational, using language that is welcoming and exudes warmth.
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